I have worked on a number of different projects throughout my career, a selection of which is presented here.


Paradigm uniformity in inflectional stems

My dissertation contains 5 different projects related to paradigm uniformity effects (see other projects on this site for details), and was published as a 168+ page book by düsseldorf university press.

Comprehension experiment using mousetracking

I conducted a mousetracking experiment to investigate whether listeners can perceive acoustic differences in words spliced from segments of word pairs like days and daze. Details of this study are available in Chapter 6.2 of my dissertation.

Same different experiment

This experiment investigated whether participants can hear an acoustic differences between stems of words (e.g. day in days) and artificially lengthened versions of these stems. Details of this study are available in Chapter 6.1 of my dissertation.

Production experiment

This experiment elicited target items by means of a cloze task. The target items were late analyzed under the assumption that there would be durational differences between monomorphemic and complex words. Details of this study are available in Chapter 5 of my dissertation.

Paradigm uniformity: QuakeBox Corpus Study

My published paper Phonetic reduction and paradigm uniformity effects in spontaneous speech investigates durational differences in homophonous monomorphemic and complex word pairs, using data from the QuakeBox corpus. I later replicated this study with the Buckeye Corpus (see Chapter 4.3 of my dissertation).

'Mate' in Australian English

Inspired by my semester abroad in Australia, I examined the gender restrictions of the address term 'mate' in Australian English. I conducted a survey study in 2016, which I replicated and expanded in 2022. It is scheduled to be published in 2023 as In Australia, can anyone be your ‘mate’? - Gender restrictions of the address term ‘mate’ in Australian English.

Miscellaneous projects

Timelines to Visualize Medieval English History

The Timelines to Visualize Medieval English History was a project conceived by me and funded by the E-Learning Förderfonds in 2016/2017 at Heinrich-Heine-Universität during my time as a research assistant in the Department of Medieval English Studies.

I created the database, coded the front-end, and with the help of a student assistant, wrote texts with information relevant for the basic module in Medieval English Studies.

Analyzing Doctor Who (2005) Viewership with ggplots

As a long time viewer of Doctor Who (2005), I was curious about the decline in quality of the show. In order to visualize this decline, I created ggplots in R of the IMDb ratings and UK viewership numbers of the show's Seasons 1 through 13, taking into account factors such as showrunner, Doctor and companions.

Player Aids for Board Games

Creating player aids for board games is a hobby of mine, which has taught me valueable skills - first and foremost in the usage of InDesign, but also in the field of UX writing, as writing texts concisely and comprehensively on such limited space is quite a challenge.